David Sands
David Sands
Name David Sands
Gender Male
Family Francine Sands (Wife) †
Jordan Sands (Daughter)
Hunter Sands (Son)
Dragomir Ducovic (Uncle-In-Law) †
Species Human
Hair Color Brown
Actor Matt Winston

David Sands is one of the main characters of The Boy Who Cried Werewolf. He is an embittered widower father of Jordan Sands, forced to be the woman of the house, while his younger son, Hunter Sands, drives his family crazy with gory pranks. He used to not believe in the existence of mythical creatures due to the jokes of his own son until he found out his own girlfriend was actually a vampire and his daughter turned out to be a werewolf.


A tall well-dressed man with short brown hair and a perfect smile.


At some point in time, he met and married his wife Francine and later had two children Hunter and Jordan. she later died due to unknown causes leaving him as a widower. unbeknownst to him, she had a late relative by the name of "Dragomir Ducovic" who had passed away in Romania and wanted them to inherit what was left of Wolfsburg Manor. after traveling to Romania with his family, he then meets business women Paulina who seemed like a smart outgoing woman at first. but later revealed herself as a vampire who only wanted possession of Wolfsburg Manor. after discovering Jordan is a werewolf Paulina restrains Jordan and brings her back to her lair to be killed. Hunter takes him down to Paulina's lair only to be knocked unconscious by one of her followers. she prepares her silver bullet to kill Jordan but is stopped at the last minute due to Hunter transforming into a Werewolf. they managed to scare off Paulina and her followers but they followed her in an attempt to stop her once and for all. after seeing the sunlight come out Jordan uses that as her advantage and stuff's her into a box. afterward's, he watches as Jordan receives the antidote to cure her of her lycanthropy. and Hunter becomes the new "Wolfsburg Beast" and Protector of Wolfsburg while Jordan returns to school. towards the end of the movie, it is revealed that Paulina was in fact not killed by Jordan after all and has moved across the street from the family in a wheelchair.


  • It is unknown if he ever knew about his wife's Werewolf heritage.


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