Madame Olga Varcolac
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Actor Brooke Shields

Madame Olga Varcolac is the maid that was hired by Dragomir Ducovic to watch over Wolfsburg Manor. after his death at the hands of Paulina, she continues to watch over and keep Wolfsburg Manor in good condition.


Tall, Slim, with dark black hair and usually wears black clothing.


She is shown to have a very laid back personality and doesn't have very many rules when it comes to staying in Wolfsburg Manor.


It's unknown how long Madame Varcolac has been working as a maid at Wolfsburg Manor. but is shown to have a very keen knowledge of Werewolves and Vampires. since Dragomir's death, she has shown to have kept Wolfsburg Manor in good condition as she has no family or home to return to.


  • It's unknown if she knew about the existence of Dragomir's great niece and nephew.


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